Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday nights are always a lost cause...

It's the truth. Every week, it's the same. I'll say I'll do this, I'll plan to do that, and yet I always seem to end up on the couch with my computer and a muted tv, just whittling away my time. It's ok though, right? Bonding is more important than studying. Friends are way better than cleaning. And I'd always rather look through J. Crew's sale site than read some psych book.

Tonight was no exception. I have a final tomorrow morning, I have an apartment I have to pack up, and I have a bag of chocolate-covered popcorn on my desk that really needed to be countered by a treadmill. Don't worry though. None of that stopped me from the spontaneous trip to Rita's or the random nighttime room hopping, and oh let's not forget the creation of this little number: my new blog. :)

Have I ever followed a blog? Nah. Have I ever even read a blog post? Well, only to search for computer help or self-diagnose my latest illness. Would I have ever thought in a million years I would have my own? Definitely not. But do I love it now that I've been introduced? Absolutely. So I'll end with a big thanks to my lovely Melissa-Pie, I'm sure this is the start of a new obsession. :)

Now about that final...

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  1. you are a fabulous writer. :) you should put together books based on blogs, and make tons of money. then you wouldnt have to take dumb finals! great idea!