Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrity Sightings

Cool stuff never happens to me. Tonight was no exception. Nothing cool actually happened, but I saw something cool and that's better than nothing. Also, I know this is my second post today, but this is blog-worthy. :)

Tonight the Benjamin took me to Ye Olde Steakhouse for our last hurrah date night together before we become world travelers. It was pretty good. I must admit my favorite part may have been the processed cheese spread and packaged crackers, but that's typical me, eh? Anyways, we walk in, sit down at our table, and begin eating said delicious cheese. Five minutes later, a bombshell blonde takes a seat at the table behind us. She is accompanied by a man who is being blocked by the Benjamin's head. The owner comes to welcome this mystery guest and says something that makes the Benjamin think it's Dave Ramsey. At this, I take a closer look...

No, it's not Dave Ramsey. It's better. It's Bruuuuuce!! Yes, Mr. Pearl himself happened to be partaking in his first dinner at Ye Olde on the same evening as myself. Oh, and it gets better (in my opinion). Let's not forget that first of all, this bombshell blonde is the illegitimate girlfriend that caused the recent divorce of Bruce and first wife. What's more, I notice bombshell blonde has a pretty bangin and humongous rock on her left hand...engagement ring? Yep, apparently he announced this to the public a few days ago. Oh Bruce...

Anyways, along comes slight celebrity couple number two to accompany Coach and his lady. It's Pastor John Wood from Cedar Springs and his wife. Sorry, he's kind of a celebrity in my book. Well they have a lovely little dinner together discussing who knows what. Here's an interesting point to ponder, though: Bruce is Jewish is he not? Hmm, perhaps bombshell blonde is helping to cook up a conversion? All I can say is I really wanted to take a picture and write a sweet tabloid story...I'd probably read it.

That is all. Not very exciting I know, but hey, I lead a fairly boring life. This was kind of headline news.

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