Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm back! Sorry again for the absence, the internet has been an issue the last few days, and thanks to my considerable problem with impatience, I have chosen to just avoid it if at all possible. But then people send you emails complaining of blog withdrawals, so I decided to endure the pain to provide an update. :) Don't expect pictures, though. Waiting on that process could move me to tears.

Anyway, I guess I should start with the past weekend...although there really isn't much to report. We had some homework time, some shopping time, some eating time, some napping time. It was very uneventful and I was actually quite bored. When you're running low on money and it's brutally hot out, there's really not much to do in Athens. I did make a pit stop at McDonald's, though, which was an excellent idea. It tasted just like America. And they even got my special order ketchup-only hamburger correct. Those Greeks are so great.

Monday meant a long bus drive to Galaxidi, a tiny (I mean tiny) little port town on the coast. Our hotel was very nice and luxurious, complete with an infinity pool and nice over-sized room. However, I don't think I really understood the meaning of "in the middle of nowhere" until I arrived here. There was nothing around us. Nothing. We had to load back on the bus to drive to dinner, only to sit down at a rather expensive restaurant that drained my wallet. No gelato for me that night!

Tuesday morning we departed from The Boonies, Greece, and headed for Delphi, a.k.a. a pile of rocks on the side of a mountain that I would maybe be more enthusiastic about had it not been 100 degrees. We saw the former seat of the Oracle of Delphi, who breathed in methane gas and rambled out crazed nonsense to those who came seeking her advice. I mean whatever makes you feel better, right? After a rather lengthy hike and quick run through a museum, we boarded back on the bus for naptime. Wonderful.

Today we woke up, presented our lovely group projects to the class, and then Natalie and I ventured off in search of a delicious lunch to fill our rumbly tummies. And what to our wandering eyes did appear, but Subway!! With pizza subs and everything. It was probably one of the best meals I've had, and I didn't feel bad about it one bit! This afternoon we took a group trip to the Hill of the Muses. Thanks to the nice breeze, it was actually quite gorgeous. The scenery atop the hill was very similar to what one might find at Gregory's Bald in the Smokies: very dry shrubbery and desert-looking plants. I wandered around a bit thinking of home, and then we descended for a provided dinner at a taverna, followed by, you guessed it! Gelato. Yummy :)

K-town is calling me like none other. Exciting things are happening at home, and I am stuck here! The Benjamin is currently on his return flight to the States, and I am super jealous. I know I only have two more days, but it's becoming hard to keep a positive attitude. We have two papers due over those two last days, and I'm just really not looking forward to tackling that. I can do it, though. I think I can, I think I can.

Oh, and by the way, I named the post Greecercise on account of the steep hills and multiple steps I have ascended the last couple of days on all our excursions. My legs are sore, and I am out of shape. But no worries! Meredith is teaching the Super Class the Sunday after I return, and I plan to be there with bells on. :) Love to you all!

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