Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Things

Just a few things to smile about on this cloudy, rainy Monday...

1. These were featured on the Today show this morning. The company is called hello robertson, and they are handmade by the two girls who own it! Not too expensive and very Gossip Girl, as they pointed out on the show. It was hard to pick my favorite, but I found two I love!

2. I just saw a commercial that kind of made my day...College Jeopardy starts tonight!! My nerdiness is showing through, but I don't care. I'm pumped and will be waiting on the couch at 7:30 tonight. :)

3. I stayed up last night reading my lonely planet Greece guide, and it got me even more excited! I'm determined to find a way to make it to Santorini before I leave...

4. Lunch with mom and her teacher friends today at the Apple Cake Tea Room! Always a happy thing.

5. The Benjamin just surprised me with beautiful pink and red roses from his mom's garden...he's precious. :)

Hope everyone has a very happy day!


  1. haha.. i love "the benjamin" better than "the boyfriend" :) and i love that you are updating your blog! it sounds like you are having a great summer so far! yay greece is soon!

  2. That's so sweet.... Roses from his mom's garden.

    I miss you! And, I love this.

  3. Emily,

    Just found your sweet blog. I am one of the girls from hello. I wanted to say great work and looks like you have a heart of gold. Keep the faith sweet thing. Sounds like you a perfect for hello. Email me if you have any interest in helping me promote hello on your college campus and with your friends. There will be goodies involved! Cheers,