Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kicked to the couch

Whew. What a day. I drove back and forth between home and downtown three times, moved out of my 6th floor apartment without the use of an elevator, babysat two hooligan boys whose favorite activity is "wrestling" (aka jumping on top of me and clinging til I can pry them off), and now here I am, finally done with it all, but without a nice big bed to fall into. It's covered in the contents of my now empty apartment's closet, a task that requires at least a full day to tackle, therefore it will stay until tomorrow (at least). Thankfully, the couch is actually pretty comfortable, so hopefully I can get to sleep before 2 a.m. for the first time this week. I have to get more sleep or I'm convinced I'm getting the swine. No good.

I had a little treat waiting for me on the kitchen counter tonight when I get home, in the form of a new J. Crew catalog. Woo! It was brilliant, to the say the least. A couple of weeks ago, while on the website, I stumbled upon a wedding dress that made me sad I'm nowhere near that whole process. I found it again tonight in the catalog. Gorgeous. No worries, I ripped it out, so when the big day does come along, I'll at least have the memory. Wanna see?

Ahh, yes. Love it! Anyway, I've gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow? Cleaning, and a lot of it. The apartment, my closet, my bed, the list goes on...Couch here I come! :)

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