Monday, May 18, 2009

Pretty Much Paradise

I'm sorry, am I on my honeymoon?

That seems to be a recurring question amongst us ladies here on the island of Spetses. I have been to some pretty beautiful European beaches and stayed in some very nice quarters, but I'm pretty sure this set up beats all.

Picture this: very small Greek island, very small population, mostly elderly, very quiet and relaxing way of life.

Hotel? Beach-side.

Room? Ocean-front. And the water is so clear I can see straight through it from three stories up.

Balcony? Absolutely, with a tremendous view of the ocean, surrounding islands, and Spetses itself.

I even have my own "reject bed" all to myself in the corner, which may disappoint some, but thrills late-nighters like myself.

Ocean access? There's a beautiful wooden chase lounger just an elevator ride away. And there are plenty to go around, because we have the hotel to ourselves.

Oh, and did I mention our breakfast area is an open-air lounge with yet another lovely ocean view? K, well that's what it is.

Not only all of this, but our trip here began with the best meal I've had yet, a traditional multi-course meal with all sorts of delicious fare. And it was free. Wow, I think I'm gonna like it here...

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  1. Wow! Sounds awesome! What a lucky young lady! We miss you!