Friday, May 15, 2009

Where Old Meets New

Acropolis day in Athens! And despite the blazing sun and stinging shoulders, I absolutely loved it! It was fascinating to hear our guide telling us about the ancient battles and history associated with the monuments. I mean I was right there where a Greek soldier once cool. I think my favorite part of the experience though was looking out over the fortress walls of the Acropolis and seeing the thousands of modern Athenian buildings, yet I was looking up at some of the most ancient history left on the planet! It was a truly rewarding little hike. Here's me at the Parthenon! :)

This evening we went out for a little shopping excursion, followed by a nice authentic Greek dinner...haha, NOT! I'll admit it, tonight we swallowed our pride and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe in Athens. It just sounded good for some reason, so I made the trek and enjoyed a nice big burger and fries-totally American. Nice.

Speaking of America...Our professor has an absolutely adorable six-year old daughter who we get to see and talk to occasionally. Today was one of those opportunities, and let me tell you, she is precious! It made me miss all my little kiddies at the preschool so much! I guess they only have about a week left of school and then they all get to go off and enjoy their summers! Oh how I wish I could say bye to them one more time! I really hope someone calls me to babysit when I get home because I'm going to be needing some little people time in my life!

Maybe tonight I'll actually get a full night's sleep, as that has still yet to happen. Last night I tried the sleeping pill trick, which did work, but seeing as how I took it after 1:00, I still lost a couple hours. It's technically the weekend now though, so late nights are more acceptable. Hah! Big day tomorrow, hope all goes well, will post about it later. Good night!

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