Sunday, June 7, 2009


When I have extra time on my hands, one of my favorite things to do is search for recipes for future use. I then have to find even more extra time to actually try them out, which usually doesn't happen. This time, though, I'm determined. And so...

(cue drum roll and ta dah music...)

Here comes the Sunday Sweet Spot! It's my effort to experiment with a whole new slew of sweets and treats and then share my successes, my failures, and my extra calories. I'm excited, and my taste-testers are excited (a.k.a. the fam and the Benjamin), so here goes!

Today the family came over for lunch to celebrate my sister's upcoming birthday, and she agreed to let me test out a new recipe to be served for dessert: Rachael Ray's fried ice cream. In Rach's own words...yum-o!

I was a bit intimidated by the recipe, as I don't have the best track record when it comes to frying things. We don't really have the appropriate kitchen equipment to fry, but I still wanted to try it out, even though the trial run would be presented to company. Yikes.

No worries, though! Everything went wonderfully! It does take a while to go from beginning to end due to the extra freezing involved at various steps, but I would definitely recommend the recipe to anyone interested in a new spin on the classic sundae!

Here's all the ingredients ready to go! You cover the ice cream balls with pound cake slices, then dip them in an egg mixture, at which point they look like this:

After freezing these for a few hours, it was time to fry!

They only fry for about a minute, so that was nice. As you can see, my very small make-shift frying pot only allowed one to be done at a time, but the oil wasn't deep enough in anything bigger, so I made due! Here's a finished product...they were a definite hit!

So there you have it, Sunday Sweet Spot take one! I would definitely recommend experimenting with some fried ice cream. We just topped ours with hot fudge and whipped cream, but I'm sure you can get more creative than that. Let me know if you try anything else! Now I should probably move my experimenting to the gym to make up for this...

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