Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Beef with Boys

Alright, so I'm sure this does not hold for all boys, but I can at least attest for my boy. He has this true obsession/love of working out, and not just the "look at how much weight I can lift and watch my muscles bulge" working out, but the running/swimming/biking hard-core cardio working out that achieves just the opposite of what most guys are after: weight loss.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully support the Benjamin in all of his crazy triathalon-like endeavors, and I'm lucky to have a boy who cares about being in shape and staying healthy, but there comes a point when a gal like me--who has dessert after just about every meal and gets to the gym only when she feels like it--starts to worry.

And that point occurs when you keep seeing the boy's scale read less and less (no matter how many sleeves of Oreos he eats in one night), while your own scale keeps miraculously rising, no matter how much will power you think you're employing. And then, boom boom pow, right before you know it your boyfriend weighs less than you and suddenly nothing is okay in the world.

And so this is why, my dear Benjamin, as well as all you other fellows out there, when you keep urging us ladies to go ahead and have that fourth piece of pizza, to please come over for a nice french toast breakfast, or to not worry about the massive ice cream cone we're engulfing, we just have to look at you with beady little temper-enraged eyes and clear our throats in disgust.

Because it's like that Slim Quick commercial says: just because a quick jog around the neighborhood somehow dissolves every ounce of those three Wendy's junior bacon cheeseburgers off your tummy pooch, we females have a more rough go at it, and goodness knows it takes more motivation for me to even consider taking that run than it does for the Benjamin to sign up for a triathalon a month and then get right to training. every. single. day.

I still love him, though, and I'm not dismissing his six-pack. :) But come on gentlemen, you do realize how frustrating you make it for us, yes? Argh.

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  1. This is a great article, I knew you would write it eventually after talking about it for so long! BUT I have been gaining weight ever since I have been back this summer :) Sorry I chose to move on from swimming to something that is more of a skinny person sport... I guess I will just have to make you come work out with me more when we indulge in our delicious desserts, especially those ones you make on Sundays! I promise to never weight less than you, it wont EVER happen!