Tuesday, June 16, 2009


See I had this goal...it was an unofficial one, although I should probably seriously consider making it a permanent one. But regardless, I had this goal...to not purchase any clothing until August, maybe even later, depending on how severe the withdrawal. I will say that I have become somewhat more responsible in the clothing-buying department, but I still manage to always have a closet full of clothes that just don't do it for me...thus explaining the piling of random J. Crew sale purchases. Awesome.

Anyway, so it was a good goal. But unfortunately, it is no more. I took my first trip to the mall today since my return from Greece, and well, I just couldn't help myself! I found an adorable dress at Gap that was half off the original price, and with the justification of a potential formal option in the future, I added it to my closet. I would show a picture but I can't seem to find it on their website! Just know it's cute and was a steal. Plenty reason enough to break my rule. Hah.

While perusing the mall, I also meandered into Pottery Barn, just because it makes me happy. However, I managed to find a perfect pillow that will look great in my new bedroom next year.

Love it! It's actually an outdoor pillow, but it will still work great on my bed, and I'm excited to build the room around it! I'm using the curtains that Nat and I had in our living room at Laurel, which are a really cute green and white pattern, also from Pottery Barn. I'm trying my best to not go crazy and buy everything new for the room, but we shall see how that goes...

My trip also included a walk through J. Crew, and let me just express the pain it caused. Every time I step into that store I'm bombarded by the adorable front display and I can't help but to sigh. If only the bank account was endless...

I made a really great decision in agreeing to spend my Wednesday babysitting a little girl with a virus all day. She's precious and I'm excited to see her, but I'm not looking forward to the very early start time, nor the hazardous bacteria...yikes.

And another thing: I really hope someone else is witnessing the incredible catfight that just broke out on the Real Housewives, because words can't explain...hah.

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