Monday, July 6, 2009

Better Late than Never!

I fell into an unfortunate laziness on Saturday and didn't get a chance to leave some comments on one of my favorite holidays: the fabulous fourth of July! I think my love of the day is primarily associated with the colors displayed across suburban lawns throughout the country. Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with the all-American look of the good ole' red, white, and blue...clearly indicated by my wardrobe, which is really just an assortment of items in various shades of these three hues. I get so excited at the first of July because I can finally put my America-wear to good use.

This year was no exception, and even though I had a fairly laid-back holiday, I still got to sport my favorite colors two nights in a row. Friday evening I joined the rest of East Tennessee in attending the Smokies baseball game up in Sevierville. Despite the horrendous, backed-up-onto-the-interstate traffic on the ride up, I had a great time with friends and saw a wonderful fireworks show following the last pitch.

Here are the Benjamin and myself at the game! Please note that I was absolutely freezing from about the fourth inning on...we've had beautiful weather all week, but it's been getting a little chilly after sundown!

On Saturday, I went to the pool for the traditional GP July 4th fiasco, which was fun, but not as good as in earlier years. There was of course the terribly stressful task of locating a lawn chair upon arrival, but once we solved that issue, I was able to take a seat, relax, and enjoy the delicious potluck lunch. After an afternoon nap and shower, I headed to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and family visit time. Finally, later that night I went with a whole crew to watch the fireworks show over on Pellissippi's campus. We had originally planned to head downtown to the World's Fair display, but upon learning of the estimated crowd of 75,000, we opted for something a bit more low key. It was a good choice.

Hales and me at fireworks fun! I have no pictures of the actual show thanks to my somewhat ghetto camera. I've tried and tried to capture the fabulous artwork of the sky before...and it always results in a miserable failure. So I've stopped trying.

Hah! And there's Thomas looking oh so patriotic. Thank you, Goodwill, for making my night. :)

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