Monday, August 10, 2009

Look Up.

Consider for a moment, the tree. Remember back in those preschool aftercare days when you would produce the classic child rendition of the grass+sun+tree with black hole+possible wandering fluffy cloud? We all did it, and we all thought afterward we had created the perfect picturesque scene. In a way we had, because we were four, and to our parents, anything on paper that was recognizable was considered perfect. But in reality, this is not a perfect picture...

Let me tell you why.

A tree's trunk is far more detailed than the skinny brown rectangles portrayed in the classic tree drawing. There are hundreds, no thousands, of branches intricately intertwined, climbing to the sky. And the leaves of a tree do not magically form into a clean-edged ball of green fluff atop its trunk. No, the leaves of a tree are possibly the most fascinating. They are indeed magical, but this beauty is found in their wildness, in their paradoxical perfect patterns that also bring a unique identity to each and every leaf. If you only take the time to look, you will easily realize the intense and unbelievable construction of a tree. It is the work of God's hand, and only God's hand, and a second glance at wonders such as these make me stand in awe of His glory...

I was taking some quiet time on my back deck this evening when I simply looked up. And the beauty I saw, the detail I appreciated, the Creator I admired...brought me peace. Moments like this heighten my desire for thoughtful background music, and I was tempted to go inside and get my ipod...but I didn't. Because it was also in this moment that I realized if I only look up (in my backyard at least) , everything I see is purely God. There are no manmade fences, no harsh iron chairs, no noisy lawnmowers, no electronic mp3 players...just beautiful blue skies, wispy white clouds, and the intricate outlines of tree tops. Things that are merely the result of a Maker who loves us, who wanted to spread His glory throughout His creation. This, too, brought me peace.

My experience tonight has inspired me to strive to find places that are purely God. As a human on this earth, it is nearly impossible to not be at least somewhat materialistic. I can't imagine life without my cell phone, computer, microwave, tv...without my tennis shoes, car, cups to drink from, comfy chairs to sit in...they are all unfortunate necessities to me, and they are all from the hands of man. I encourage you also to seek such peace that is only possible when you surround yourself with pure God. Slow down, sit down, and be in awe of His power and His gift of creation. Words cannot describe.

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