Sunday, October 4, 2009

Did Someone Push Fast Forward?

I was just talking with my roomie about how quickly this semester was flying by. I mean seriously, next week is midterms. We are already halfway done. Y'all. I feel like I'm still getting used to my routine! I truly believe I'm moving in fast forward mode.

I haven't shared any of my own pictures lately, mainly because I'm lazy and don't want to wait for them to upload. But, seeing as how this semester will be over before I even know it, I thought it necessary to show some real life evidence of what's been going on...
**Warning: these go way back...or at least that's how it seems...

There's a look at my bed and sweet cross collage hanging above. I've been meaning to post some pics of my room...unfortunately that didn't happen until two months after I started living in it...

That's me and Geouque over Labor Day weekend in Charleston! We're atop a cannon replica out on the Battery. It was such a wonderful trip...primarily thanks to the food I inhaled on a daily basis.

Thursday nights in apartment 307 have been officially designated "Office Nights." We invite some friends over to watch the show, pick a food theme, and get cooking...which usually results in an amount of food tremendously too large for the number of people present. This is my pesto pizza I made the first Thursday of the season...whole wheat crust, basil pesto, fresh tomato, and fresh mozzarella...yum yum!

I've started doing some morning swim routines at the indoor pool before class this semester. I try to make it once a week, and surprisingly, despite the 6 a.m. wake-up time, I've held to it thus far. It's really quite peaceful and so nice to get my work-out done so early in the day. I also love the gift of seeing the sunrise over campus as I walk out to my car when I'm finished. I took this one morning because it was so calming and beautiful I just couldn't resist!

Last weekend the fam was in Kingsport for a soccer tournament and I volunteered to stay at home and watch Lucky to save boarding money. The Benjamin came to keep me company and even got in a little spooning time with the Luckster himself. I'm just obsessed with this picture...aren't they both precious? :)

There's the Benjamin and me at the Tennessee-Auburn game last night! We had terrific seats...section D, row 4! Unfortunately, the game was a blow and the surrounding fans were annoyingly distracting and obnoxious...for a variety of reasons. This was before the game started though, so we were still all smiles.

Lawhead and Haley made a sweet sign for Nick Reveiz, an injured player who used to play at Farragut, so we felt the need to show some recognition. Fortunately, this sign + good seats up close + ESPN cameras nearby = an ESPN appearance for ME!! I haven't actually seen the recorded show yet, but Lawhead watched it last night and took a picture of the tv when we were on. I saw it on his twitpic this morning and could totally make out my face, despite the distortion. It was pretty exciting!

So there you have it...a little tour of life so far this semester. I hope to have lots of fun fall pictures and stories to share very soon! If only this constant rain and huge to-do list for school would stop preventing that from happening...happy weeks to everyone!

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