Monday, October 12, 2009

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

If I was only allowed to watch one television show for the rest of my would without a doubt be Friends. I was never a big fan when the series actually aired on NBC, but since my roomie introduced me to the wonders of TV on DVD freshman year, I have been hooked. Freshman year in the dorms, little Geouque had all the seasons, so I had free access to any and every episode. Last year in Laurel, little Mims had all the seasons, so again I could borrow any disc any time I wanted. This year, I was not so fortunate to have a fellow Friends fanatic to offer me complete reign over the entire series. Don't worry though, leave it to the Benjamin to come to my rescue. After only a week or two of complaining, he presents me with an early birthday gift: yes, it's true, all ten seasons of Friends. Life is good.

Well, we've been watching Season 5 recently (one of my favorites...I love watching the Monica-Chandler relationship unfold in all its secrecy and scandal). Last night, the Benjamin came over and we watched "The One With the Ball." It's pretty great, as are all of the episodes in my opinion, but this one kind of got me thinking...wouldn't it be nice to live like they do on Friends? I mean think about it...somehow you have enough time to spend several hours a day just sitting around the cutest coffee shop I've ever seen...and somehow all your friends have the time to do just the same alongside you. I guess you do go to work, but let's review your career options: you could be a chef (like Monica), you could work for freaking Ralph Lauren (like Rachel), you could be a television actor (like Joey), or you could be a masseuse (like Phoebe)...and let's be honest, none of them seem to be doing much in the way of working anyway.

You would live in a sweet apartment in the middle of New York City, and all of your best friends live either in your same apartment or the one across the hall. And don't worry, rent never seems to be a problem, so money must be good.

But back to this endless amount of time deal...yeah, if you're familiar with the episode I mentioned above, you would know that the whole storyline revolves around a game of catch begun by Ross and Joey, which continues for an entire day. I only wish I had enough time in life to just stop everything and try to set a record for throwing and catching a ball without it hitting the ground. It'd be nice, huh? Yep...

So that's my enticing thought of the day for everyone. Now I must get back to the pile of reading and studying sitting next to me on my desk. Perhaps in about 7 years I'll get to that whole ball-throwing thing.

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