Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ouch. Ick. Mmm.

It's Sunday morning. I wish I could be at church. But I've got a loong day ahead, so I am here. And I should be writing a paper, but instead I am writing a blog post. Typical.

So my original goal of multiple posts this week somehow failed miserably. Nothing really to blame, just life I suppose. Go fig. Oh well, here's at least on an update on the past few days, which have been pretty eventful, so gear up...

Friday morning I trekked way out west (of K-town, that is) to see the doctor about my frustratingly intense leg pain I've been experiencing the last couple of weeks. Although by Friday morning the hurt was really next to nothing, and I feared the doc would think I was crazy, making things up, and wasting her time. Not the case, however. Turns out I have a left tibial stress fracture. Ugggghhh. This means no running or impactful exercise for 4-6 weeks...which kills. Now I have to rely on swimming and stationary biking to burn calories, and in my experience, this does not always work out for me...especially when the temperature begins to drop (which it like just did...). It's ok, though. I'll give up running until the new year, but I just hope when that time rolls around everything will be totally well and I can go at it with no interruptions!

Friday night meant Fall Formal! I went back and forth on whether I was actually going to go all day, especially since my throat was killing me and my lymph nodes were super swollen and tender. Not the most comfortable experience. In the end, I took enough drugs to ease the pain and showed up. Was it fun? At times. Like the point on the bus where the dude across from me puked all over my feet and dress? Not fun. And the really smart decision to only have one bus to transport our entire sorority halfway across the country and back? Also not fun. But the band was good, and the Benjamin and I got some good dance time in before the masses arrived later. Here are me, Gav, and Mel at Gettysvue where it was held:

PS: Gettysvue makes some bangin' chicken fingers in case you ever happen to be dining at the Country Club. That was another perk of the evening.

Ok. Cue Saturday night. Unfortunately I spent all morning and afternoon in bed trying to overcome the sickness so that I could enjoy the football game later that night. It worked, and I got to go with the fam to the Club Seats at Neyland to watch the game. Soooo wonderful up there. There is food everywhere, and we all know that's all it takes to make Emily happy. I'm pretty sure I consumed five thousand calories, but hey, I figured I'm only up here once, so what the heck. And I got to venture up to the skyboxes where I saw Geouque and Erin and Dave. It was overall super fun and I wish I had a money tree so I could sit there every game. Here are me, Benjamin, and Maddie in the sweet leather chairs out above the field:

Alright. I'm really going to write my paper now. It's gotta happen or it isn't gonna happen. Come 1:00 the day is devoted to slating and an early Thanksgiving dinner at the grandparents. It will all be great and grand, but neither involve writing a paper. So here goes...4 days of classes left!!

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