Monday, January 4, 2010

If I Had a Money Tree...

If you ever get the hankering to see a lot of people, head to Times Square. Trust me, I know from experience, it's packed.

But if you ever get the hankering to see a whole bunch more than a lot of people, I'm talking like squishing a small country's entire population into an area about one-fourth the size of Times Square, take a trip on down to The Pinnacle movie theater in Turkey Creek on any day of Christmas break. It will blow your mind. And they say we're in a recession...psh.

The Benjamin and I attempted to go see Sherlock Holmes the other day, and by attempted I mean failed miserably. Who knew all of Knoxville, its like ten surrounding counties, and their entire extended families, happened to have that same idea of going to the movies? We sat in traffic on Lovell Road for over half an hour, spent another three days looking for a parking space, and eventually ended up facing a sold out sign next to our showing. Terrible. Why Turkey Creek, why??!!

It was too early to head on to dinner, but too close to eating time to go back home. And we really weren't ready to face the shoot-me-now traffic for another hour or so. Solution? Meander through my favorite stores across the street until a sufficient appetite was worked up.

And now for the originally-intended subject of this post...

While killing time in World Market, (which is so wonderfully easy to kill time in) I stumbled across this painting that I became obsessed with!

Don't you just love that quote? "Sometimes the heart should do things without the brain's permission." So true! Oh, I love it. Unfortunately, the price tag showed a whopping $129, so perhaps I can take the quote and paint my own canvas. It won't be nearly as nice as this one, but as long as it says the same thing. That's the part I can't get over!

Anyway, that's really all I wanted to share. Everyone pumped for the Bachelor? I know I am! T-minus 16 minutes and counting! Mainly I'm just really excited for when I get back to school and can join all of my much-missed gals for Monday night Bachelor nights. I am so looking forward to seeing them!

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  1. I love reading your blog. First of all, you have got to teach me this card game and I will play with you all the time. I have a dominos game I am anxiously waiting to teach everyone. Secondly, I CANNOT wait to watch the Bachelor with everyone on Monday nights. See you soon!