Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Negative Nancy

Firstly, let me just point out that this is the third day in a row that I've posted. I'm on a roll, people. I deserve a cookie. Or TCBY...oh wait, been there done that today. Oops!

Secondly, I'm in a weird mood. Not the ultra hyper and happy kind of weird mood. The not so good kind...where I'm just really easily irritable and couldn't tell you the first reason why.

But I'll try my best...

The raging bush on my head currently holds enough static electricity to power the entire state of North Carolina. Ick. I despise winter. And seriously, as petty as it sounds, it has driven me crazy all day...and I shocked many a two-year-old as a result. (on accident...)

Another by-product of the season, it's ridiculously cold outside. As a result, when I get home from being out, I immediately throw on my flannel pj bottoms and as many layers on top as I can comfortably handle. Then I can curl up under some covers and carry out the rest of my day from a sufficiently insulated location. Sounds good and great and all, but the problem is, I end up donning the same sweatshirt to prance around the house every single day. And when it's time to come out of hibernation and go out again, my laziness only allows me to change my pants before I'm off.

Sorry. I'm rambling. Basically, every time I've left the house the past like two weeks, I've been in this:

Hah. And yes, I know those of you who see me regularly totally recognize it. It's my favorite sweatshirt, but still, wearing it continuously like I have makes me feel shlumpy, and that makes me feel weird and annoyed.

I also have this annoying pain in the back of my neck that just makes me want to go to sleep even though it's only 9:30.

Complainy Janey...that is my name tonight.

On a positive note though, today was my first day back at the preschool. I was kind of dreading it I'll admit, but it was surprisingly wonderful. I love how two year olds are gone for two weeks and when they come back their vocabulary is twelve times larger and they're totally potty-trained. Plus they're crazy cute. That doesn't hurt.

I hate being a negative Nancy. This morning my devotional was all about my faithful God who always provides. It encouraged me to just sit, be still, and feel the "enoughness" God has filled me with. That was cool. I know it probably deserves a much more sophisticated, deep, and inspirational adjective, but cool is a pretty accurate description. So despite my failed attempt to find my smile on this night, I am not lacking. I am filled with the love of a Lord who provides, and that is all I need.

And at times like these when all I can do is complain, I like to think He fills me with even more. :)

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