Sunday, January 3, 2010

Couch Potato

What a wonderfully lazy, relaxing, and restful couple of weeks I have had! I mean we're talking the don't wake up until 11:00, don't get out of my pj's until 2:00, and don't really leave the house unless entirely necessary kind of relaxing. Y'all. I love it. And I'm thinking that after one more week of this laying around bliss, I will be ready to hang up the worthlessness and start facing civilization again. Yikes. Could be a rude awakening.

I have managed to make a new best friend amongst the laziness, however. It's name is Dutch Blitz, and it's pretty much the most insanely addicting card game ever.

It's basically a group version of the game Speed, another super fast-paced but wonderful card challenge. I had never heard of Dutch Blitz before this week, and apparently you can only buy it at one specialty game story in the city, but I've already introduced it to pretty much everyone I know, and they're all hooked too. I've been meaning to head to the mall to pick up my own set...I'm just worried that as soon as I do, I will be pestering everyone around me to play at all hours. We shall see!

Guess what else I did from the comfort of my own couch the other night? Signed my life away for the next four months, that's what! By that I'm referring to my decision to just do it, and register for the Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville this April. Running a half has always been a life goal of mine, and since the stress fracture hindrance of the past couple of months seems to be healed, I decided to go for it. I have concerns, yes. Such as the threat of another injury popping up during training...or the very real possibility of getting totally burned out by the time I build up to 8 or 9 miles...or the complete physical and mental breakdown mid-run one day in which I will have to just plop down on the curb and cry for awhile.

But no, I'm going to be positive throughout this experience, and I will hopefully overcome the challenge. My roomie signed on with me, so that will be encouraging. Plus I spent hours the other day formulating my own customized training schedule on a beautifully-organized and color-coded Excel spreadsheet, and we all know how much I love following regimented plans! I'm sure I'll be providing lots of updates on the victories, failures, and pain involved in the whole process, so get excited! Nash-vegas, here I come!

I also wanted to share a new daily devotional I've started for 2010. I was hoping to find a more Scripture-based book to use this year, and after a couple hours (literally) of milling through the Christian bookstore last week, I finally found one I've definitely enjoyed so far. It's called Solo, and it's based on the the Message, a version of the Bible rewritten in a more readable style. Each day there is a passage from the Message, accompanied by a page of thought-provoking questions and prayers to help you dig deeper into the Scripture. While the entire Bible is not included in the book, it is organized chronologically, and I am excited to encounter new stories and passages that I have not before read. I'm hopeful and ready for what God has in store for me through these quiet times, and I will definitely be sharing my favorites!

Well it's time to go don my onesie, which makes for the most comfortable sleep EVER by the way, and get to sleep before 2 am for once this break. The family is back to work tomorrow, so I'll be the only lazy bum still warming the couch, but unfortunately I have to wake up super early for an unwisely-scheduled dentist appointment in the morning. Ew. And's gonna be like 15 degrees...

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