Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't Forget to Breathe...

That seems to be the general reminder of my life these days...

Yes, I've been busy. Way too busy for my liking. But, things are starting to get checked off...I mean lookie here, I'm even blogging! (Although I'm pretty sure the only reason I have time to write is because I'm currently skipping class...oops!) Like I said though, things are looking up, so the lack of class at the moment is actually just an indicator that I'm pretty much done (with one course at least).

Anyway, here's a brief run-down of the last week or so:

Friday: formal (pics to follow)

Saturday: long run (my last one! documentation of anxiety in anticipation of upcoming race also to follow)

Also Saturday: begin writing 10-page paper and babysit

Sunday: Dream Connections flag football tourney for Chi O (not as bad as I was expecting)

Monday: unfortunate doctor's appointment including finger prick that almost led to disaster

Tuesday: longest day ever

Wednesday: TURN IN 10-PAGE PAPER!! HOORAY! and immediately turn attention to writing speech for Monday and oh yes, the 15-pager I also must achieve at some point

And today: take test, skip class, and breathe (sort of...)

Whew! Makes me tired just recounting it all. Note: I am not complaining. Hah, Tuesday night's Bible study was totally about why I should stop complaining about life. Shoot, I'm really good at that unfortunately. Anyways, just wanted to clarify-what you just read was not me complaining (yeah right...), just me explaining why I've been absent for awhile. Hmm, sure, that sounds good...

Anyways, now as promised...
Formal pics, yay!! The Benjamin and I had a really good time at Downtown Grill and on the Riverboat Friday evening. (And please forgive my Alph-Alpha hair in the first pic. It was super windy but I really love the sunsphere in the background...woohoo for K-town!)

Having formal on a moving vessel=it only lasts as long as the cruise=formal is rather short!!=sleepy Emily is happy :)

Except for that in this case, Quarry Trail had the epic fail because the power was out throughout the entire complex when we arrived home nice and early...meaning the lack of AC coupled with the really mature screams of excited college students outside my window led to an eventual 4 a.m. bedtime. Yeah that kind of sucked.

I was awake the next morning in time to squeeze in one last long run with Hales though! We made it about 9 miles, so it was a nice confidence boost heading into race day this Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a bit hesitant. Mainly because I'm probably going to have to wake up around 4 in the morning and the 70% chance of rain doesn't sound too appealing. I'm excited though. The Benjamin is accompanying us so he can be the designated picture-taker/banana-holder/emergency ipod-keeper on the sidelines. Those are all very important jobs.

Ok, enough procrastination. Time to work, work, work. And then go to work. And then come home to breathe again.

Whew, yes. Just breathe.

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