Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

Hello again!

Well, school must be back in session since the only time I seem to blog is when I have a whole big list of other stuff I should be doing. But who really wants to watch an hour-long anatomy lecture disguised as a YouTube video...not me! So here we go.

Friday night 301 finally had our roomie dinner! We found out last week that sweet Erin will be doing Teach for America in...wait for it...HOUSTON!!! To celebrate, her dad told her to use the credit card and take us all out for a celebratory dinner. And celebrate we did.

With wine flights at Cru! It's a new restaurant in Turkey Creek that serves tapas (small plates) and lots and lots of wine. We each chose a different flight to try, meaning we each got 4 small tastings of different wines, all coming from a similar region of the world. It was tasty and super fun, and when I wasn't in the bathroom blowing my nose (tmi, sorry...), I had a really great time.

That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend however, because the next day I woke up feeling like someone had injected foam into my head. I've been dealing with a nasty sinus cold for four days now and am sooo ready for it to move on out. Benjamin hooked me up with a McAllister's spud, some Sweet Cece's, and a nice hefty box of Kleenex Saturday evening, but sadly it wasn't the end-all cure I was hoping for. Thus the pill-popping will continue.

In other news, I'm on the half marathon hunt again. Do I really want to run my life away all spring in order to prepare? Not really. But I do have a fairly large event coming up on May 28th that calls for a flat tummy, so I figured a commitment might be necessary. I've promised Ben for the last 3 years that I would do the TriDeltathon with him in April, and I'm thinking this might be the year I actually hold that promise, so that will be a nice way to mix up the training...if I build up enough courage to ride my bike anywhere besides my neighborhood, that is. As for the whens and wheres of the race, I'm honestly not sure yet. Last night we looked into this one in Cincinnati at the beginning of May. Looks great, but the only drawback is that it's right smack in the middle of finals...hmm. Let's be real, though, probably wouldn't study that much anyway.

Well look at the time, gotta get ready for meeting! I think I'm finally trying our new Chipotle on the strip tonight and I'm excited! Happy Mondays everyone! Good luck deciding on whether to watch the second half of the Bachelor or Gossip Girl later tonight...I know I'm wishy-washy, hah. Bye!

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