Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Materialism at its apologies

I'd say the thing I'll miss the most come graduation in May is a college student's schedule. I do work two days a week, but when you're only taking 12 hours, that still leaves plenty of time to run around town and have afternoons very similar to mine today.

Ben and I both finish with class at 11:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so we met up right away and went for a nice (but very painful) run. After showers and lunch, we headed to the mall to run some errands. Well, "errands" might be pushing it. Basically Benjamin landed a sweet big boy job (that may or may not be on the other side of the country...) and he's so anxious already that we went shopping for big boy job clothes. Mom's credit card and 20% off coupon in hand, we did some damage. It's so fun spending other peoples' money! Belk was having a fantastic sale, though, and he found four new pairs of slacks and four new shirts that will have him looking super sharp! I do enjoy dressing him, and I'm glad he allows me to. :)

After Belk we walked down to Pottery Barn, since it's pretty much my second home these days. I've been spending way too much time on their website's Design Your Own Bed feature lately in an attempt to figure out colors and what not before we continue registering. My chronic indecisiveness does not help in these situations. At this point, our goal is to mimic this entryway (from the PB catalog of course) and somehow use it as inspiration for the bedroom:

I've been in love with this page since I first laid eyes on it. But yeah, great looking wall of frames and cute little skinny side transform into a bedroom--bam! Wish it was that easy. Doesn't help that I'm the pickiest bedspread-picker-outer ever. Oh well, we'll get there! But really I'd just like May 28th to be here now!

Post-Pottery Barn we went to pick up Ben's rental tux for a gala Friday night (which I am sadly not attending), and then stopped for some free samples at the new Teavana store in the mall. I've tried before to like hot tea but have never been successful...until today. The lady offered us this Chai blend of some sort and it was so delicious. I wish I had a nice cup right this second in fact! I didn't even want to ask how much it was, so I didn't, but maybe that will be a nice little treat one of these days.

Then it was off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to check out the selection pre-registry. And success! We finally found flatware we liked that isn't $100 a place setting. Very exciting, hah. I'd show you a picture but I know nobody cares. Nothing better than good news in cutlery...

So yeah, I looked at a lot of stuff today...stuff that doesn't really matter, but it's still kind of exciting, right? I've struggled through this whole registering thing with my addiction to stuff. Every time I point the gun thingie at a barcode my mind just resounds with "God before possessions." And I can talk all I want about knowing my true worth and identity is in Christ, but I'd be lying if I told you I practiced that all day everyday. I'm learning, though, and I'm glad to at least be aware of all the stuff in my life, but I want my true treasure to be in heaven. I don't want to try and create a kingdom of my own on earth. Someone much greater and mightier and richer already has a kingdom waiting for me that is more exquisite and breathtaking than anything I could ever imagine. And in that shall be my comfort.

Anyways, I just had a really great Wednesday. I got to spend some lovely quality time with the fiance, and that brings me joy no matter what it is we're doing. And I am so thankful for my Bible study tonight. It was a wonderful message and just reminded me of this summer for some reason. I think I just really felt the Spirit moving in me like I haven't in a while, and that was so encouraging.

So I hope everyone else had excellent days too, and here's to a good night's sleep that ranks up there as well! Sweet dreams all. :)

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  1. Hey, I'm glad you're aware of that :).... That reminded me of this summer too!