Monday, November 16, 2009

Week in Review

Hello friends! It has been far too long, and I apologize for the lengthy delay. I could blame the absence on the test and homework craze that was last week, but really I think the reason for lack of posting is, well...lack of anything to post. Sometimes I think I live a pretty darn boring life, and since I don't have any precious little children running around to spice up my blog posts, I usually just resort to not sharing anything as opposed to sharing the mundane happenings that are actually going on.

Still, though, I have to post something. So here's my attempt to at least try to entertain you folks...a glimpse at a view of the more exciting moments that marked my week:

Monday, as in the Monday that happened a whole week ago...oops, I finally addressed my long-time goal of conquering homemade gnocchi. See, I've become a bit overly obsessed with food blogs over the past month or so, and when all you do in your spare time is peruse through recipe after recipe, it's likely that you'll get quite a hankering to cook. That definitely has happened to me lately, and look what it produced:

Fresh little potato dumplings made with my own two hands. I definitely have a long way to go before I can ever compare my gnocchi to that of the classic Italian grandmothers out there, or even the pre-packaged version available at the store for that matter, but these were at least edible. I'm not even really sure what recipe I used, if I even followed one. I really just read as many posts and recipes concerning gnocchi that I could and then tried to combine all the useful advice into my own creation. But like I said, it needs some work. When I perfect it, I'll let ya know.

Let's see...Wednesday mom booked our trip to New York City for my b-day! That was definitely a highlight of the week! We have a great looking hotel reserved in Time Square, and we also already have Wicked tickets! I've been trying all week to locate restaurants for us to hit up, seeing as how food is my number one priority when traveling, but I haven't had much luck. It's ridiculously overwhelming, so we might be questioning the concierge upon arrival in order to decide on eateries. No worries, though, I have tracked down a few must-go dessert joints, so at least we'll be good in the sugar department.

Moving on to the weekend, Sunday the Benjamin and I headed to Nashville for the Titans-Bills game. We had a wonderful day together, and I'm glad I finally got to see some NFL in action! It was surprisingly warm considering it's mid-November, and I did encounter a bit of a sweat fest on the endlessly long walk to the stadium. I'll admit...the Benjamin had to purchase a dumbly-overpriced $28 t-shirt for me to change into because my nice blue button-down was a wet mess from the blazing sun. I felt bad for him, bit he insisted, and I was disgusting...and miserable. The overall experience was great, though, and the boys even pulled out their 3rd win in a row! Woo hoo!

Fun times, fun times. Well that's about all I can really remember from last's start to this week has been a super long one, so everything else has started fading away. I'm really going to try to post more this week...interesting or not, so get ready!

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