Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure

As much as I'd love to say I'm a straight-up intellectual and watch nothing but Jeopardy and the History Channel, I have to admit: I'm pretty much addicted to reality tv. I try to only commit myself to the more respectable series out there: ya know, Top Chef, The Bachelor, American Idol and the like, but there is one show on my list that I'm not quite so proud of...

The Real Housewives...of anywhere. Orange County, New York (my personal favorite, I'd say), and even the most recent locale: New Jersey.

Don't judge, people. I promise you'd be addicted too with just one episode. Promise.

Anyway, to express just how classy a move Bravo is making this season, I thought I'd share a trinket. Y'all. Look at this cat...

Yep. That would be the absolutely lovely sphinx cat that belongs to Dina, one of the crazy New Jersey housewives. And get this...its name is Grandma Wrinkles. Ew. I love you Bravo, I love you Dina, but I refuse to make myself love anything about this cat. It's just not right.

Tomorrow night Bravo premieres yet another brilliant gem of a tv show: Top Chef Masters. As I mentioned earlier, I am a Top Chef devotee, always and forever, and I am so impressed by and excited for what they've cooked up this season. Instead of the usual slew of amateur chefs and cooks vying for their shot at the spotlight, this time the show will feature a wealth of five-star chef-celebs, most of which were former judges on the show. Talk about a battle. I am stoked.

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