Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Summer Routine

I love summer. I mean who doesn't though, right? And since my summer didn't officially start until this past week, I've been doing my best to soak it all in. My mornings have been dominated by babysitting, but I must admit, getting done with my work day at 12:00 is pretty amazing, so I'm trying not to complain about the 7 a.m. alarm on my phone set to the unfortunate "everyday" option.

The munchkins are darling and usually pretty happy. They're 20-month old twins: a boy and a girl, so things can get a bit rough at times, but I'm learning to deal! We just kind of lollygag through the house, playing with anything that can serve as a five or ten minute source of entertainment. Their favorite thing on earth is this little bubble machine they have outside. Girl munchkin is particularly obsessed with it. While her brother proceeds to remove each of the 10 or so riding toys housed in their garage, she just sits there and turns the thing on and off, fascinated by the circular-moving wand, even when there are no bubbles inside. I had mom pick up a few extra bubble toys at the store last night to bring for them today. They of course loved them, but let's just say the back porch of their house should be an interesting spectacle next time it rains, as most of the bottle ended up in a pile on the deck. Lovely munchkins.

Post-work I've had lots of yummy lunches this week. Yesterday Mims and I went to Jason's Deli. I've stumbled upon a recent pesto kick, and my turkey and provolone on multi-grain ciabatta with basil pinenut pesto really hit the spot. And it was so wonderful to see Mims over the summer for once! I'm hoping it will happen a whole lot more!

Today, then, I went with my mom and grandmother to Brixx, a new pizza joint in Turkey Creek. Oh my goodness was it fabulous. I got a half cheese, half barbeque chicken pizza and ate way too much of it. I managed to bring home some leftovers though, and I'm pumped to make another meal out of it, not to mention planning a return trip soon.

Outside of the kiddies and lunch dates, I've just been mixing in a little pool time, nap time, reading time, and oh yes, class time...unfortunately. It's really not as gruesome as one might expect a three hour history of Western civilization class to be though, thanks to my eccentric goober of a teacher. He's just a really great storyteller, and since that's really all history is, it makes for a completely tolerable evening.

Hopefully now that my life is once again falling into a routine of sorts, I will be better about updating posts. Since it's summer and I have more time on my hands, not to mention my new budding career prospect in writing (more on that another day), I'm hoping to shake things up and perhaps get a little creative. My day to day can get pretty boring, so I'm thinking it might be necessary. Until then...

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