Friday, July 24, 2009

If I Were in Charge...

I recently read Emily Giffin's fabulous chick flick in a book, Something Borrowed. I'm usually not a huge fan of the girly beach read genre, but this one changed my mind a bit. I absloutely couldn't put in down, and I am overjoyed to report the conclusion of my time-eating summer class, meaning I can hopefully begin the sequel, Something Blue, as soon as I acquire it!

I am, however, a huge fan of girly beach read books gone silver screen. He's Just Not That Into You, The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a them all! So as I was reading my latest find, I couldn't help but think, "someone has got to make a movie out of this!" I started visualizing actors and actresses in my mind's eyes as I witnessed the plot unfold. It was quite fun, and I was pretty happy with my cast.

Then last night, when I decided it'd be fun to put my mental movie into a blog post, I thought I'd google any news surrounding a possible big screen future for Something Borrowed. Sure enough, there it was! Due out in 2011, it seems Giffin has sold the rights to both her first and second novels, allowing them to be recreated for theaters! I'm sure for many of you this is old news, but I was a bit late jumping on the bandwagon for this book to begin with, thus I seem to be behind in any excitement about it as well.

Now for those of you who have yet to read the book, I apologize for the boring post, and I'll admit it won't get any better from here. However, for my fellow readers, here are a few of my choices for stars in the movie version. I didn't pay much attention to physical descriptions in the book...ya know, hair color and the like, so a few of these might be off, but it's just a list of who came to mind while I was reading the book.

For Rachel, I envision Katherine Heigl. Now I don't remember if the character's blonde or not, but I feel like Katherine has more of an understated, classic beauty. She's not just drop dead gorgeous and stick-like. Sure she looks amazing in this picture, but on a rainy Sunday afternoon, sans make-up and in sweats, I'd say she's a total Rachel.

Darcy was a more difficult task. The picturesque woman I had envisioned in my head while reading the novel was not a specific actress I had before seen. However, minus the blonde hair, I must say this chick fits the bill pretty well. Her name is Malin Akerman. She was the sister in 27 Dresses, where she played the perfect Darcy. And even though I'm pretty sure Darcy was more of a dark-skinned brunette, this is still my pick.

This guy's been on my blog before...because he's stunningly gorgeous and one of my new favorite actors. Now don't envision The Hangover-version Bradley Cooper, but maybe more of a He's Just Not That Into You-version Bradley Cooper...and poof you've got my Dex. I think it could work. I'd enjoy watching him! :)

I realize there are more characters, but I figure this takes care of the main ones. Apparently Hilary Swank is on the production team, but that doesn't necessarily mean she has a spot in the film. We shall see...can't wait 'til 2011!!

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