Sunday, July 5, 2009

Techno Toils

I tend to tire of things rather quickly, particularly in the visual sense. I'll even conjure images of the layout and look of my new bedroom in my head, only to dispose of the thoughts within the week because I'm already on to something new. I've now changed my overall color scheme about four times I think. It all goes along with my extrememly indecisive nature, of which I am oh so not fond.

So lately I've been realizing the onset of a few wearisome thoughts whenever I went to view my blog. Yes, it seemed, after only what, 2 months, that I was in need of a makeover. I had noticed the new designs of a couple of my blogger buddies and decided to check out their source: Shabby Blogs. I browsed for a bit, found me a new background I do adore, and then very easily changed my layout to reflect the find.

I am still bothered, however, by the very dull and very plain default banner sprawled above this post. Why must blogger make it so difficult to actually have a cute font displayed with my title? It's rather annoying. Well, I thought I might try to fix that this morning, so I got to work to find out how.

I found a post on a blog that offered both tons of wonderful font options as well as the informative step-by-step process of how to apply those fonts to your own blog. I toiled for about an hour trying to get this stuff to work, creating new websites, downloading who knows what, and even cutting and copying meticulous pieces of HTML. And as you can plainly see from the continued dismal state of my title banner, I had no luck in successfully executing my task. And it was frustrating...very frustrating.

I'm usually somewhat technologically adept, but in this case I failed. However, I think I might just try to learn how to write HTML myself. It's a daunting endeavor, but I'm a nerd and am up for the challenge. My dad does something along the lines of computer software writing, so perhaps it's in my blood...that would be convenient.

My woeful run-in with computer crap this morning was really just an indicator of things to come on this day, which I've officially assigned to the dogs. It's raining, I'm having to study ideologies of the nineteenth century, and I wasted my afternoon attempting the nearly impossible task of sitting through the movie Year One, which I beg anyone to avoid at all costs. It's positively terrible.

How about a cheery pic despite the dreary day to help out with those smiles and tummy rumbles...

That's a S'mores cupcake courtesy of Martha Stewart...a chocolate cupcake with a grahm cracker crust and marshmallow icing. Yumm, one of these days I'm gonna give them a shot, and for that day, I am excited. :)

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