Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday

My summer has been defined by lazy afternoons and relaxed evenings. Today was no exception, and I knew that as soon as I woke up. We had a rather nasty, rainy morning in K-town, so even though it was time for my alarm to go off, the lack of light coming through my bedroom window indicated otherwise. I managed to pull myself out of bed in time for church, though, so at least my lazy Sunday involved me leaving the house.

After church and a quick lunch at home, I could be found where else...but the couch. The Benjamin came over and suggested going to see a movie, which we quickly decided required way too much energy, and instead settled on renting a something to watch. And so we were off to the Redbox...

I took this from the car. I had to stay in and babysit this crazy hooligan so he wouldn't start barking hysterically and bite off the hand of an innocent Walgreen's customer passing by.

He was a good little pup, though! There he is waiting patiently for Ben to finish getting the movie. I think he wanted to drive! :)

Yep, the Benjamin thought it would be a good idea to let good ole' Lucky tag along on the short trip down the road. He loves going "bye-bye" and Ben's nice enough to take him once in awhile, despite the layer of white hair on his car seats and dried-up slobber drips on the windows that Lucky leaves behind. But look how happy he looks with the wind in his face...

See? He's precious, I don't care who tells you otherwise. And it's a good thing I like him since mom rudely desserted us for the beach this week (sorry, just the jealousy speaking). Usually she's in charge of making the dog feel loved and what not (and she spoils him to no end...hence why he's fat), but in her absence I guess I'll take on the job as best I can. The Benjamin can help. He loves Lucky even more than me I think. He actually enjoys taking him for runs in an attempt to help him lose that barrel-like belly.

He needs a dog, doesn't he? Yep! Well we ended up watching some movie I'd never heard of called Defiance, which I paid little attention to. Must not have been the best, I suppose. I was too busy switching up my fall class schedule for the upteenth time. I'm now taking some crazy ancient Hebraic traditions course, but it's supposed to be interesting and easy, and it fulfills a requirement I've been stressing over for some time now, so I figure it will be a win in the end.

I'm now back on the couch, anxiously awaiting my evening of reality tv to begin! Tonight's line-up is my favorite...Next Food Network Star followed by HGTV's Design Star! They are both excellent and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of some Sunday night entertainment. Hope everyone has a great start to their weeks!

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